THC-Infused Ghee

Produced by 100% grass-fed cows in Lancaster, PA 

What’s Ghee? 

In the simplest terms: it’s like butter, but healthier. All dairy and lactose solids are filtered out – leaving just PURE fat – ghee. 

Free of Lactose and Casein 

It is estimated that 15 million Americans have food allergies! Ghee is a delicious lactose-free fat, with no alternative flavor. 

Hello Vitamins 

Rich in vitamins A, E, D, and K, our grass-fed ghee contains nutrients that are extremely beneficial for heart health. 

Product Information

THC-infused Ghee with dosing scoop; 
approximately 3.2mg THC per scoop. 
*Natural Ghee + rotating seasonal flavors 
*to preserve cannabinoid dosing, please do not heat

Choose Your Experience


Carefully formulated to provide quick, soothing relief.

When you need a break – rest, relax, and recharge.


Intentionally designed for a balanced, hybrid experience.

Take the edge off, but stay alert and productive.


Specifically formulated to promote energy and creativity.

A focused and active therapeutic experience.

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