THC-Infused Olive Oil

High quality Olive Oil provided by Sciabica’s. Cannabis infused by Hōn. 

Generations of Exceptional Quality 

Sciabica’s has been cold pressing olive oil in California since 1936, making them the oldest producer in the US! 

True-to-Nature Flavor 

No artificial flavorings or additives. GMO-free, sustainably farmed, and artisan-crafted in small batches. 

Rotating Seasonal Flavors 

All natural flavor infusions enhance Sciabica’s award-winning olive oil and provide unique dosing options. 

Product Information

THC-infused Olive Oil with dosing scoop; 
approximately 3.2mg THC per scoop. 
*Natural Olive Oil + rotating seasonal flavors 
*to preserve cannabinoid dosing, please do not heat 

Choose Your Experience


Carefully formulated to provide quick, soothing relief.

When you need a break – rest, relax, and recharge.


Intentionally designed for a balanced, hybrid experience.

Take the edge off, but stay alert and productive.


Specifically formulated to promote energy and creativity.

A focused and active therapeutic experience.

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