THC-infused Honey

Ohio’s #1 THC-infused Honey! Honey provided by Bee Barons, LLC.

Locally Sourced
Our Ohio-family-owned and operated partner Bee Barons, LLC supplies our superior quality honey from hives across Licking County, Ohio.

As Nature Intended
Extracted from the hive, strained, infused, and bottled. 100% Pure, Raw, and Unpasteurized.

Flavor Infusions
Available in a rotating selection of all-natural flavor infusions utilizing dried fruits and spices for powerful, delicious flavor profiles.

Product Information

THC-infused Honey with dosing scoop;
approximately 3.2mg THC per scoop.
*Natural Honey + rotating seasonal flavors

*to preserve cannabinoid dosing, please do not heat

Choose Your Experience


Carefully formulated to provide quick, soothing relief.

When you need a break – rest, relax, and recharge.


Intentionally designed for a balanced, hybrid experience.

Take the edge off, but stay alert and productive.


Specifically formulated to promote energy and creativity.

A focused and active therapeutic experience.

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